Do People Still dealerships in roseville ca Use Business Cards?

These articles got dealerships in roseville ca me thinking about how an old-school marketing tool like business cards stacks up against digital marketing. I recently read two articles about the importance of printed business cards. One said business cards are essentially dead, while the other showed how there’s plenty of life left in printed paper cards. The funny thing is that each article used the same set of statistics to prove their diametrically opposed viewpoints. In an increasingly digital world where human contact is less of a given than ever, many people may pause before getting a fresh batch of their trusty old cards. Business cards continue to be a valuable tool for many reasons.

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  • You’ll want something professional — think lush linen papers, classic colors and raised printing.
  • They are also the easiest way to share your contact information when networking.
  • They are the easiest way to create a professional image while your website and advertising efforts are still in the works.
  • Business cards present one of the easiest ways to promote yourself, especially when you’re running a small business.
  • Custom business cards make a great first impression – A custom business card with a unique style and design can set you apart from the competition, and make a great first impression.
  • In India, translation usually is not necessary, as most professionals speak English.

When designing your personal contact card, you should include your company logo and keep the colors and design elements similar to what you use on your website and advertisements. This will help you create a cohesive brand image and build your customers’ awareness. Is it even worth it to keep yourself stocked up on business cards? With increasing technology, it’s all too easy to share LinkedIn pages and email addresses without the need for a card. You can, without much of a stretch, transform your business card into a pamphlet to tell your future customers what you can truly offer them.

How Can Your Cards Stand Out?

I don’t believe email is too informal, but business cards are far more professional to bring to a face-to-face meeting. An email can be lost in a sea of spam and contact folders; a business card will remain in a client’s wallet for years,” says Kristopher Jones, founder of top 5 SEO company, A business card is an immediate representation of your company in name, logo, and color palette. When you exchange business cards, that is your first opportunity to validate your work and business. You cannot add many aesthetically pleasing elements or unique touches to an entry in a contact list, but your business card allows you to begin expressing what makes your company special.

Increase Your Brand Value & Sales

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There’s still plenty of life left in this old-school format. Business cards should be one of many marketing and business development tools at your disposal. If they believe business card usage is on the decline, they should be jumping in with both feet and doing the contrarian dance.

Chances are you won’t come off as technology-forward, but rather unprepared. Business cards are affordable and small, so it can’t hurt to carry a few with you so you seem prepared and professional wherever you go. Igor is a SEO specialist, designer, and freelance writer.

Establish Your Brand

Most likely, it wasn’t that long ago, perhaps at the last meeting or conference you attended. A business card can get carried around in a client’s wallet, or pinned to their fridge. This stops your information from getting washed away in the sea of social media. Websites and social media pages can often be confusing for clients.

Make sure fonts colors and overall style matches your brand and align it with what your business stands for. Try more polished, neutral tones and feel, and thicker high quality printing paper. But practices that have been going on for so long still have a great impact on the way we do business. People trust other people, and most partnerships and sales don’t happen at a first meeting. Regardless of design, there is certain information you should always include on your business card. The short answer here is yes; business cards are definitely still relevant in 2020.