How To Remove Google Reviews For Your Business The Clever Way

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  • However, if you want to remove Google reviews, you must follow the guidelines.
  • However, this only works if the review has indeed been deleted or modified.
  • Whether you’ve created an official Facebook page or not, your customers could be talking about you there.
  • However, choosing this method means that you won’t be able to see any new reviews, nor will you be able to see reviews on other platforms.
  • Unsolicited feedback can have a greater impact on your reputation than what’s being said by the customer in the first place.

Another path you may want to go down is responding to negative Google reviews directly. Often customers are fairly surprised to see a response to their feedback, especially on Google. As reviews are meant to represent the voice of the people, it’s essential that companies are not easily able to manipulate them. It’s for this reason that Google doesn’t simply offer a ‘delete’ option for reviews left on the site – that could leave feedback incredibly inaccurate. If you find a review that sounds too good to be true, do not ignore it. Take the time to verify the author and carefully consider the situation described in the review.

File A Legal Removal Request For The Bad Review Of Your Business

Another key to removing Google reviews is to flag them as irrelevant. Google wants users to get accurate information about businesses, so you should flag reviews that don’t match your company’s business. For example, suppose a review contains a link to an illegal product or uses an image of a product that’s not available in your area. In that case, it’s not appropriate for your business.

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The Benefits Of Monitoring Your Reputation In Healthcare

If you have the time and patience, you can remove Google reviews and improve your reputation. The quick answer is Yes, you can delete Google reviews. The longer answer is, naturally, a bit more complicated and subtle than that. Below, we’re going to walk you through the only four ways to remove negative reviews from Google search results.

Strategy in place, a series of bad reviews could turn nearly everyone off to your company. Knowing what to do when you receive a negative review on Google can help you protect your online business reputation. Ideally, this will help you amplify positive feedback about your company while also drowning out the negative.

Hence, it is important to respond to every negative review with sincerity. That’s where online reputation management software comes in. ORM software is designed to help businesses track and delete negative reviews and boost positive ones. In doing so, it can help to improve a company’s overall public image. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t get a Google review removed.

Step 1: Log In To Your Google My Business Account To Flag The Review

So if you’re worried about your reputation, the answer is simply to actively collect more Google reviews from your customers. Google my Business reviews are in place to allow anyone with a Gmail account to leave a review for your business. If you feel you have been wrongly-reviewed, the best chance you have in getting a review removed from Google is to flag it. Reviews on yourMy Business page do not need to be verified by Google before they are published. Google Local is an open platform and its very nature means that the only requirement for a user to write a review on a business is owning a Gmail address. I have left, according to google, over 60 reviews but only half of them are visible to others.

Technically, you can sue someone for online defamation in some cases, but even if you win, you’ll likely lose in the long run. Lawsuits draw negative attention, and the media backlash from suing a consumer will scare off other clientele. Finally, if you have evidence that the complaint qualifies as slander against your company, you can fill out a Google form for a legal removal request. Google might not delete a flagged complaint as quickly as you’d like, if ever. To speed things along, you can also personally contact Google and ask them to take it down. Be prepared to present all of the necessary information regarding the comment in question when Google reaches out to you.