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Explore now, or find the alphabetic list from the list below. These fishes have a distinctive metallic blue, silvery colour. They feed on crustaceans, cephalopods, fish and molluscs. The tuna fishes have a sleek body that enables them to swim through the waters quickly.

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  • A thick layer of fur on the fennec fox’s paws provide grip and protection from the hot sand.
  • He was in a complicated relationship with fellow surfer Adrian Dolan until they parted ways for his safety, as Adrian was forced to flee the country.
  • Tsetse FlyTsetse flies are flies in the family Glossinidae.
  • They’re also eco-friendly and Leaping Bunny certified.

They can tolerate extremely low temperatures such as -30 degrees. There are almost 40 species of click here! triggerfishes having brightly coloured bodies. They are omnivores, and they can feed on squid, shrimp, fish, clams and other meaty fares. They can grow up to 28 inches fork length and can weigh 13 pounds. These fishes become sexually mature at two years old. These cats are known to be loving, affectionate and playful.

Extinct Animals

Emily Deschanel as Angela Kane, a recovering heroin addict, and Julia’s former best friend. She reenters the lives of the Codys, rekindling her childhood friendship with Pope, leading them to bond over memories of Julia. In an attempt to get her out of Pope’s life, believing she’s a bad influence, J causes her to relapse. She later goes missing and is mentioned to have been beaten to death in a drug house. Grant Harvey as Colin, a violent ex-Vietnam War veteran and a member of Smurf’s crew of ruthless career criminals in 1977.

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It was a small frog that was only found in one place in the world, on the island of Maevo in the Solomon Islands. The frog’s bright colors were used to warn predators of its poisonous skin. The last known individual died in captivity in 2009, and the species was declared extinct in 2020. There are about 10,000 species of birds alive today.

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They also estimated that the wild range of the invasive marbled crayfish increased 100 fold between 2007 and 2017. If you’ve ever taken a walk through the woods, you’ve probably noticed that the forest floor is teeming with life. From insects to reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and birds, there is an incredible amount of biodiversity to be found right at our feet. The name “raccoon” is derived from the Algonquian word meaning “one who rubs, scrubs, or peels”.

Cane toadThere is no official scientific definition of the difference between frogs and toads. ‘Toad’ is simply the name given to frog species with dry, warty skin. Toads also tend to spend more time away from the water than frogs.

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The last known specimen was killed in 1844, and the species is now extinct. The Passenger Pigeon was a medium-sized bird, with dark plumage and a white belly. The males had iridescent feathers on their necks, which were used to attract mates. These birds were social creatures, living in large flocks of up to a million birds.