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It’s one of those reads that frustrates you because it’s so philosophical and complex, but at the same time interests you and makes you think more deeply about something you thought was pretty black-and-white. At first I thought it was a hard read, but a little more than halfway through it became more intriguing and thought-provoking. I read it for a discussion group, and I think that really helped me internalize it and see how to apply the concepts to my philosophies about art. It made me realize that we all have philosophies about art, and that they can have implications we might not agree with if we really think deeply about them.

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  • One way of evaluating art is to discern whether its aesthetic character is suitable to its subject.
  • Modernism tries to divide a transcendent community from the arts so that art merely becomes ones expressions of self.
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  • If art imitate’s God, then the artist is not responsible for his or her action.
  • Wolterstorff breaks down his argument into three basic parts.

Under such a position, the artist becomes divorced from art. Instead of the art form as a medium for communication between artist and audience, the artist pushes her creation out of the nest as soon as it hatches, allowing it to float aimlessly in the psyche of society. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Art in Action by Nicholas Wolterstorff.

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A must read for anyone interested in that topic – or in the “purpose” of art in general. This book has immensely challenged me and my fundamental assumptions about art. The writing is not necessarily lay, and he draws examples from several artworks that the average person will probably not be familiar with. But for those who are familiar with the “high arts,” this is a must-read.

Wollmops By Paul Wolterstorff German Paperback Book

Instead of representing an escape from reality, art operates as a key to translate reality in a more meaningful way. Pinkcasaantiques is a long time on-line book selling company which has a large and varied selection of books. We ship daily except Sundays and federal holidays. We love books and enjoy passing them on to other book lovers. Will ship within 10 business days of receiving cleared payment. The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item.

His conviction that art should be multifunction is basic to the author’s views on art in the city , and leads him to a helpful discussion of its role in worship and the church. Wolterstorff is the Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, and Fellow of Berkeley College at Yale University. A prolific writer with wide-ranging philosophical and theological interests, he has written books on metaphysics, aesthetics, political philosophy, epistemology and theology and philosophy of religion. Wolterstorff breaks down his argument into three basic parts.

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All of our used books are 100% hand-inspected and guaranteed! needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The rise of modern science and the proclaimed ‘death’ of God in the nineteenth century led to a radical questioning of divine action and authorship – Bultmann’s celebrated ‘demythologizing’. Wolterstorff also has some interesting things to say about the aesthetics of a city, which is not something we often think about in an analytical way, though we surely do judge cities on their aesthetics.