Science Is More Beautiful Than Art

Science has historically been a male-dominated field, with notable exceptions. Women in science faced considerable discrimination in science, much as they did in other areas of male-dominated societies. For example, women were frequently being passed over for job opportunities and denied credit for their work. The achievements of women in science have been attributed to the defiance of their traditional role as laborers within the domestic sphere. Scientists are individuals who conduct scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest. In modern times, many professional scientists are trained in an academic setting and upon completion, attain an academic degree, with the highest degree being a doctorate such as a Doctor of Philosophy or PhD.


  • We tend to make choices and decisions based on feelings, our consciousness then starts to explain or rationalise the choice to ourselves and others.
  • Additionally, remember that AAS degrees are intended to help students prepare to join the work force as soon as possible.
  • It is extremely important to note that AAS courses do not always transfer to other online higher education degrees.
  • Scientific journals communicate and document the results of research carried out in universities and various other research institutions, serving as an archival record of science.
  • This emphasis on accurate representation made it difficult for me to appreciate abstract art when I was younger.

There’s a big reasonJonny Ive’s Applewas so massively successful and it wasn’t down to Steve Jobs alone. It would be impossible to deny that the art of photography, for example, has developed significantly with the impact of technology. And speak to any programmer and they will hold up the finest code as exhibiting similar levels of creativity as some of the finest classical works.

Education And Awareness

The BS in computer science is not much different from the BA track and may certainly serve you well if you are interested in computers and technology and plan to make a lifelong career out of it. Regional accreditation is the most common type of accreditation to look for. There are six different regional agencies throughout the country, and these agencies provide accreditation to colleges and universities based on their region and location. For example, colleges and universities in the Northwest may be regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. A clearly defined degree program means not much flexibility or electives of your choice. If you decide to pursue a BA program, you may also have the option to study other subjects that interest you through your elective courses.

Let Me Tell You A Story: How To Facilitate The Sharing Of Tacit Knowledge

So, I’ve had to use both my experience and knowledge to help myself become a truly artful scientist. And I’m painfully aware that as a profession, psychologists don’t yet have all the tools they need to provide sufficient help to a great many individuals. Even though I’m a natural skeptic, I welcome the day that true advances in science will enable me to exercise my art with even greater effectiveness for all those who might seek my help and counsel. Biotechnology and genetic engineering have the potential to make stem cells transplant a success in the near future. Engineering provides humans with the latest and trendiest technology with the aim of making life more comfortable. Last but not least, research by scientists help to confirm any suspected hypothesis such as gravity and effectiveness of antibiotics.

Subjectivity plays a large role here as that the fact everybody appreciates science and What it does to benefit us means it is lacking spirituality. Science vs Art, and which one outwits the other, is an age-old argument. If science is concerned with facts, art is concerned with fantasy and disputes. Arts is about seeking inside, whereas Science explores the world and beyond. Art is frequently done in the abstract to either make sense of our world or to produce a representation of the consciousness of an artist.

Scientific Method

Why should painting or playing piano or writing poetry have anything to do with math or science? One obvious reason is that scientists, like artists, must learn to pay close attention–both to detail and to the broader context. They not only see things that other people often ignore, they also see the frequently hidden links among disparate aspects of reality. The sophistication of our scientific methodology is unquestionable. However, the interpretation of results of our scientific investigations and the correct application of principles derived from them are often suspect. Of course, all students of statistics remember being taught that we can’t infer causality or directionality of association from correlational studies.

Others maintained that choosing is neither an art nor a science. Laurence McKinney said, “We ultimately base our decisions on ‘feelings'” and emotions, aided by such things as quality of memory and the amount of information one can access through “hookup density” in the brain. The reality is that at the intersection of both fields, science and art are able to influence and shape each other in incredible and valuable ways.

Can Poetry Keep You Young? Science Is Still Out, But The Heart Says Yes

Science is better for explanation the sciences, like physics, chemistry, and biology. Art is well for explaining complex and subjective concepts. Thanks to such project services as this one capstone project writing service, students and project specialists can now buy a project writing if they have no time or need to prepare one on their own.

I think the more important aspect of decision making is the rapidly disappearing “art” of taking responsibility. If more executives were forced to “own-up” to their decisions and their outcomes, maybe they would put more thought into decision-making. They may actually care about how their decisions affect the lives of other human beings or the Earth’s fragile environment that we all have to live in, or the quality of life of future generations. First, it can make us feel stupid, because we cannot easily make so many complex decisions. Second, it can make us feel unsatisfied, since in a world of infinite alternatives you have no way of knowing if you have made the best choice.