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I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with Touring- I want to be able to drive it on roads without my fillings popping out. Not to mention that my wife will want to drive it too, and she hates overly stiff cars. On the First Edition you can choose either with no cost difference.

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  • It has basically all the features of luxury cars costing 10-15k more.
  • My wife thought the passenger seat was plenty comfy so did not need a power passenger seat.
  • The Q4 will provide better performance at maximum lean on the track at advanced-rider speeds, but the Roadsmart works better in a wide range of conditions, especially when it’s cool or wet, and will last much longer.
  • Technically speaking, we think so, since a lot of the features that it comes with are really the same ones found on an Acura, for example.
  • Also, forward collision warning tends to be a tad sensitive.

Hey everyone, I’m looking into buying an ‘18 CX5. The ones I’ve seen have relatively been around the same mileage. But the Touring trim is usually $3-4k more than the Sport.

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My GTI was pretty stiff, , and was tired of my wife complaining that I was rattling our sons brain in his head. I do notice the AD creates enough of a change in ride comfort between ECO and Sport to warrant it. The only things I miss in the Sport model is the auto-dimming/Homelink mirror, which I can add coleman exponent sleeping bag for a few hundred dollars and maybe the upgraded stereo which also can be addressed for a nominal cost. I voted for sport and may likely order touring. The Lotus ride and handling team evaluated dozens of tyres and still weren’t totally satisfied so worked with Goodyear to develop an Emira-specific version of the Eagle tyre.


Also, forward collision warning tends to be a tad sensitive. Otherwise, these features work well and are helpful to have equipped. Power and performance, the end result is a tie because they use the same sporty and efficient engine. Under the hood of both the Mazda 6 Sport and Mazda 6 Touring is a 2.5-liter SKYACTIV-G engine that delivers 184 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque. Drivers can choose between a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission to send all of that power to the front wheels.

If you can spring for the Touring 2.0T I don’t see why you’d need to bother with the Sport 2.0T. However, I will say that I was pretty disappointed the red Sport is the only red car you can get with a black interior. That might be enough of a factor, but who knows. I test drove the 2.0 Sport 6MT model and liked it but then test drove the 10AT and felt new transmission paired so well with the engine that I chose it instead. I’d never owned a car with an automatic transmission before, but in this case, I think it’s a pretty awesome way to go, particularly since you don’t lose remote start or low speed follow .

BTW, katskinz has leather for about a grand for the 5. You could try tackling it or have someone else do it. People have been able to get Sport w/ Auto for as low as $17k OTD. If you’re looking to spend $20k anyway and can get a Touring, why not, but I think you should think things carefully before you spend more money than you need to. I’m definitely not a good driver at night , which is why I want bright headlights, hence the HID ones.

If you live where you sit around a lot get a sport touring manual or cvt. The touring features will be worth more to you than sporty drive power of the SI. Leather seats would be nice, but I can survive without them. The LSD and Brakes are the thing that I’m teetering about. I didn’t have those on my 350z and this car is a daily driver for me, not a track car.

The differences between 09 and ’10 models are very minor, if I’m not mistaken. I liked the Grand Touring, but they were scarce back in 12/05 and dealers weren’t discounting them. They were new at that time, having just replaced the SP23 of ’05, so I didn’t get one.

I was also considering the G37s, so I ended up opting for the 370z with touring, sport package and navi. My fiancee LOVES the heated seats, so that was worth it right there. In Florida anything but leather is suffocating, so I’m glad I got the leather. I haven’t had it through a summer yet , so we’ll see how the suede inserts feel in a few months.

See comparisons for price, engine, fuel economy, transmission, and more. You may want to read more of autotrader’s model vs. … the touring has one last bonus— apple carplay and. I must admit, I was sold on 2.0 Touring because of the ventilated seats.