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I’m looking for recommendations for a carry on with as much space as possible while still conforming with the strict size and weight restrictions. Of course ease of rolling over varied surfaces is a plus. I could also use a recommendation for a secure day pack that I can use as my personal under the seat purse/extra stuff bag. The Deuter Transit 50 Travel Packfeatures a U-shape zip allowing you to access the main compartment on a whim, keeping you from holding up the security line and on time for your flight. This bag meets airlines’ size guidelines for carry-on baggage and conveniently fits inside overhead compartment bins so you never have to check it. If you’re traveling Europe and looking for ideas on the best carry-on suitcases, read on to find out what the travel experts recommend.

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Note that while most train trips you’re likely to take in Europe are included on a rail pass, some are not. Scenic trains are often either not covered at all or only discounted, and the same goes for private rail companies. You can consult Eurail’s list of participating railway companies for more information. When you travel close to the ground, you see more of the country.

  • All you have to do is enter where you are going and these sites will mix and match the various ways to get around the continent for the least amount of money.
  • Aim for spacious backpacks with a lot of pockets to store your things.
  • In this section, we’ll break down the pros and cons of traveling Europe by train to help you decide if it’s the right transportation option for you.
  • Usually, trains in Europe have two class options – 1st and 2nd.
  • Practice a few phrases before you arrive and use them with locals if you feel comfortable.

I fell in love with it the first time I stepped foot in Paris. The food, the wine, the atmosphere, the history; it’s hard not to see the magic. It would take years to see everything here, but you can get a good feel of the city in a few days. While it seems that most of the coin pusher machines near me world now accepts credit cards, it’s not uncommon for places in Europe to only accept cash. Having euros on hand for tips, taxi rides, restaurants, purchases at local markets and daily activities will make your transactions go smoother and it will save you money on foreign transaction fees.

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Also beware of scammers asking for you to sign a petition, mothers with children asking you for money, or people posing as train company employees offering to help you buy tickets. These are pretty well-known scams around Europe, so just keep an eye out and know what you’re up against. While it’s important to have cash available during your trip to Europe, you don’t want to be carrying around hundreds of Euros/Pounds/Franks/etc. Leave the majority of your cash in your hotel or Airbnb.

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If you’re craving a luxurious seaside stay, look no further than the resort town of Nafplio. If not, carry onwards through the unforgiving landscapes to Mystra, the cultural and political capital of Byzantium. Carry on towards the tranquil hot springs and hip ruin pubs of bustling Budapest, and be prepared to stay at least a few days. Depart for Bratislava – a capital full of surprises – from where it’s only an hour further to the coffeehouses and eclectic architecture of Vienna Dropdown content. Kick off in the city of Bergen Dropdown content, on Norway’s southwest coast, and make way past mighty fjords to Voss and the colossal Tvindefossen waterfall. Then check the world’s longest road tunnel off your to-do list, a cavernous 24.5km route under the mountains.

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Sadly, the companies are not consistent in what they include in their listed price, so be sure to do your research and read the fine print so you can fully understand which is the best deal. In Belgium for example, those 26 and under can buy a GoPass 1, which allows you to travel one-way anywhere in the country for only €6.60. Those in search of the cheapest way to travel Europe should definitely look into BlaBlaCar.

You won’t have any problem filling your time, whether you’re backpacking Europe for a few months on a budget or just spending a few weeks there on a well-earned vacation. Apply for a visa through the embassy of the country where you will spend most of your time. Schengen area countries may reinstate temporary internal or external border control without advanced notice.

As is the case with pretty much everything you book for your trip, the earlier you make arrangements, the better—especially during summer high season. U.S. travelers to Russia or Turkey must have valid visas in addition to passports; obtaining one is a complicated process that can take weeks even after you have been approved—so start early. All car rental companies require drivers to have valid licenses in their home country, so you’ll also want to check the expiration date of your license.

Sometimes we forget and just keep the number at 1, but I travel with my husband and we’re always 2 and 2 is always cheaper than 1 + 1! There are great deals in Germany for a group of people traveling together too. Found this on Easy Jet as well – prices are better for 2 people. Euroventure are a Deutschebahn ticketing agency, as well as an ABTA accredited tour operator. If you’re already busy planning, we sell individual European rail tickets, Interrail & Eurail passes and reservations.