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So, when his date asked the maître d’ to remove people from a table so they could sit there instead, Rodgers bristled. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. Will and Mac abandon principles when ratings plummet; Sloan is irked by her lack of screen time; Charlie discovers a whistleblower’s identity. An anonymous source provides advanced details on an important story; the staff cuts its anniversary party short.

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  • The network’s financial news reporter is Sloan Sabbith , a young woman could be earning much more money as an analyst at Goldman, but her calling is economic reporting.
  • This was a good one, and it surely could have gone HBO’s self-imposed limit of 5 seasons.
  • You were only comfortable being told what you wanted to hear.
  • I’m shocked that executives couldn’t see the bigger picture.
  • The first season required a retooling of premise, and the second season was where the show stopped being about how Sorkin would have covered news stories if only he’d had a time machine.

Netsafe chose not to pursue the complaint after Newsroom refused to redact the articles. On June 20, 2017, https://aix-pression.com/2013/06/peau-de-balle-et-balai-de-crin the site revealed the clandestine recording of a staff member working for the MP Todd Barclay, in an article titled “Politicians, police, and the payout”. The article explored the extent of the police investigation and the involvement of then Prime Minister Bill English. Newsroom described the staff member involved as having been paid “hush money” from the Prime Minister’s budget.

In September, Professor Weiss published a book she co-wrote titledRepatriation and Erasing the Past . On 1/6/21, Professor Hypes allegedly posted on Facebook in support of the protest/riot, including the language “War is coming! ” and “Finally, just maybe we will have the bloodshed that is needed to fix this country.” He denies posting said statements, claiming that his account may have been hacked. Previous posts indicate a support for President Trump. Professor PoKempner said the N-word 11 times during a class discussion on hate speech in legal proceedings.

This story is based on a real-life news scandal from 1998, in which CNN and TIME were both criticized for reporting a dubious and unreliably sourced story that the United States had used Sarin during the Operation Tailwind excursion in the Vietnam War. Jeff Daniels was cast in the lead role in March 2011. Alison Pill and Olivia Munn reportedly entered negotiations to star in April 2011.

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I wouldn’t say that suddenly the next play is going to be Sorkin-esque. I never went up to him wanting to rewrite a speech or change a single thing. He handed me the script and he might tell me the intention or remind me if something is supposed to be a joke, but basically he wrote it and I acted it. I have such respect for the written word and for Aaron, so that’s what I wanted to do. It’s more the similarities of the approach, and that kind of torture of waiting for the characters to take over, the endless waiting period. OK, fine, you don’t remember The Newsroom.


Mr. Trogan mixed up the names of two black students, after which he sent a nine-page email in apology. The recipients of that email viewed it as excessive, as Trogan included information on his long history working on “issues of justice, equality, and inclusion,” among other details. Professor Kershnar appeared on an episode of theBrain in a Vatpodcast called “Sexual Tabboos.” In the episode, he questioned whether “adult-chid sex” is always wrong. In two of his classes, one on critical thinking and another on race and racism, Professor Corlett displayed a slide containing racial epithets for black, Latino, white, and asian people. Professor Carley published a series of tweets supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Exactly…the only reason I have hbo is for newsroom…cancel it and I go. The creator is done with the premise; it’s that simple. He could do 5 seasons if he wanted; he doesn’t want to and likely ran out of the creative fire he had for the show.

It got mediocre ratings and if it was a bigger success, then Sorkin could have handed off the writing to others, like The West Wing. That and I’m sure his Oscar win for The Social Network made him want to focus on movies more. There’s a fun exercise if you get the chance. Take a script or a screenplay for something Sorkin’s written, then cross out the names of the characters. Read each line and try to identify which character is saying what.


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I was really loving this show, but had issues with it taking so long between seasons. This is the only sentence needed for the defense of supporting this being the final season. 3 seasons is fine; you don’t need endless seasons for a good show that’s part of the problem. Look at shows that went way too long and ran out of creative ideas; that is more egregious than keeping them short and sweet. Creatively the show peaked already as the creator pretty much said himself. This is a show for non-thinkers, if you put an ounce of brainpower into watching it you see why it is so hated.